Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Polaroid Love

I love my polaroid camera's but I have to say that our relationship is somewhat tempestuous. They behave like Latin lovers and literally only produce the result you want if you rub them up the right way!  I have seen others who have given up on it, becoming frustrated with the Impossible Project and it's lack of film that can actually replicate the original Polaroid format. I love it though, and I refuse to give up on it. Especially when the film still captures the essence of instant photography. You never know what result you're going to get. My only problem was that I was just tired of feeling like a total failure. Like I wasn't a good photographer.

So I did some online research and managed to find some manuals that just explained the basics of photography. Simple things like understanding the light/dark wheel. The first one I came across was this great little page taken from a manual, and immediately I could see the difference in the quality of my photographs.  The images below have been scanned in on a poor quality scanner hence their haziness, but the actual photos are really quite sharp. Not bad for a first attempt. These images were taken on my Polaroid 600 which I wrote about here.

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