Saturday, 20 July 2013

Budding Photography

Ok so you all know that I was doing a photography course and hated it so decided to walk out? At which point he blamed me and we got into an argument. Well, I complained to the school who agreed to transfer me to their summer course. It was the best thing I did. This teacher is amazing. There are so many things that he tells me are 'bad photography practice' or not to do because they're just 'stupid' and I get excited as those are the same things the other photography teacher taught me. 

Anyway, this is a black and white darkroom course. I have to develop my own film and photos. And here are my first two ever prints. What do you think? I'm going for the whole street photography thing as I think it works particularly well with black and white film. My target is to find moments in New York life. These are my takes and interpretations of the city. 

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Best Shots: Street Photography

My second attempt at street photography. Titled 'Enduring Love'. Prefer it in black & white as per documentary style. 

Saturday, 13 July 2013


Ok so I told you I was obsessed right? So finally I have taken the time to sift through my favorites... to bring you this post. I'm not proud of it but I do have over 400 photos of the Empire State Building. Most of these are repeats to make sure that I got the shot I needed and I've just not taken the time to edit them. I don't know what it is. I think perhaps it reminds me of where I am. The streets of New York can at times feel like the streets of any metropolis such as London. It's the landmarks that make it different. When you look up, the architecture is different and helps to set the tone for the city. I guess the biggest mark of living in New York for me is the Empire State Building. Being only a couple of blocks from it means that I notice it all the time, and it's become my thing now. Like a special inside joke "what colour will it be today?". The need to walk Paco at night makes looking out for the changes possible. I usually grab a quick snap of them like these:

But I also really enjoy taking artistic photos of it. These are by far my favourite attempts so far. 

Monday, 8 July 2013

Area Study: Fashion District

I've finally got round to exploring more areas, it's a slow process but really gets me out of the house. It helps to get to know the city and one thing I've learnt about Manhattan is that it is really quite small. It's just really densely populated and only gets confusing at the bottom of the city where the grid network does not apply. So far I've brought you Red Hook and Long Island City. Today it's the Fashion District.

This area is just on our doorstep and isn't exactly what it says on the tin. Also known as the Garment District it's not a high street shopping area, it's an area for fashion manufacturing and design. It's full of fabric stores and haberdasheries and a good chunk of the sample sales take place in hidden floors of nondescript buildings. It also houses many wholesale jewelry and clothing stores and my personal favourite are the stores that are selling "ball gowns" (you have to see the photos to understand). This area would be fun for any of my crafty friends to spend a day in. I'm thinking Graz x.

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Wedding Belle

The reason for my brief return to the UK was for one amazing woman. My wonderful, amazing bestie, once Miss Lathbridge, now Mrs Omeye-Howell. For her, and the honor of being matron of honour I flew in to complete my duties. The wedding process may have frazzled her, however on the day she was an absolute beaut! She looked so stunning, just amazing, completely blowing us all away. I didn't have access to my digital camera, so these photos are quick snaps taken on my iPhone (also edited on the iPhone using VSco). You'll notice that as the day progresses I have taken less as duties called. However I think I've captured the most important aspect of the day. Her.