Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Duck and Crabs...

One of our complaints recently has been that we really haven't seen as much of America as we wanted to. That was the point of being here, exploring all those places that you wouldn't ever go to if we lived in London. So a wedding in North Carolina provided the perfect opportunity to visit somewhere small and off the beaten track called Duck. It had all the traits of a seaside town, sun, beach, wooden houses and an abundance of seafood. Activities included traditional good clean family fun including mini golf and go carting. I have to say that this is not somewhere I would have chosen to go to but I fully enjoyed my experience there.

Now let's talk about the people of Duck, I couldn't get enough of their sense of humor. As we approached the town we had to do our best to ignore the names of the food establishments that included  signs saying "we've got nice legs" for crabs, "try my nuts" which is the actual name of the nut company. The amazing sign declaring "I got my crabs from Dirty Dick's Crab House" and where we ended up "I got your crabs". Hipster Dufus was obsessed with fresh seafood and insisted on getting a bucket of boiled seafood. Nothing else would do except maybe the delicious Duck Doughnuts, I had a beignet style powdered sugar and of course rufus went for the calorific maple and bacon (which had real bits of chopped and fried bacon sprinkled on top, check out the photo below).

I also played my first ever game of mini golf and came away with an impressive two holes in one and yes that is a photo of my first hole in one below. Hello! I am a geek! Finally I wouldn't be a super geek if I din't manage to find a museum or two to visit…. I am a little embarrassed, actually I'm NOT. I love it, I even started the hashtag #museumoffthebeatentrack so that I could track my adventures. Don't hate me.