Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Hello, Goodbye, Hello

With our impending return to London I was getting my camera ready and digging around clearing out old photos. I came across these pictures from one of Hipster Dufus' leaving dinners, when we were getting ready to come to New York. Not everyone was able to make it that day but it was supposed to be a dinner with all his best boys. I was the honorary lady and designated photographer.

We went to Tayyabs where we'll be meeting you all again when we return on Saturday night. We've dragged most of you to Tayyabs before so you know that it's amazing Indian/Pakistani food. It's loaded with flavorsome grilled dishes like meats or king prawns, an array of nan breads and delicious sides like chickpeas and paneer cheese. So in preparation for our return, here is a reminder of what helps make Tayyabs so fantastic. Great food and even better friends.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Photo Challenge: Imprinting my shadow

This was a particularly difficult challenge for me. but one that I tried to do as often (and inconspicuously) as possible. My main issue is the vanity factor. Anyone taking pictures of themselves can appear to be full of it... Attempting to avoid this, these initial shots were all taken with the iPhone, quick snaps when I had a moment alone.

I'm not done with this challenge though, I think I'm going to give it another try and with 'real' camera's this time, no more hiding behind the iPhone.

Monday, 10 June 2013

Ooh on and on

Last night we headed over to Brooklyn to BAM for a concert with a difference. This organization is home to a vast program which includes films, dance performances, theatre and even opera. Last night they hosted a collaboration between the Brooklyn Philharmonic and their artist in residence Erykah Badu. The concert was a reworking of Badu's 2008 album New Amerykah Part One:4th World War.

I've never seen any live footage of Erykah Badu performing before. My full knowledge of her vocal range comes from lengendary songs such at 'On and on' and 'Honey'. Sweet, soft and warm. When she got down to it I was surprised. Her range is incredible, and she has quite the powerful set of lungs on her. The mixture of the R'n'B, Hip-Hop and Funk of her album with the soft strings of a full orchestra was totally hot. As was she! Wearing her galaxy print leggins, loose flowing blouse and eccentric black (Abe Lincoln style) top hat. Complete with behavior to match, at one point Hipster Dufus commented on not being aware that we'd brought tickets to see Grace Jones! It was a really great introduction into this amazing Brooklyn venue.

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Filming in Astoria

New york has been the subject of many a famous movie and TV program. There are entire blogs dedicated to the spotting of film crews and stars in the process. It's not often that the film crew comes to you. Although my museum is set in the historical Astoria area (with the building next door still a fully functioning film studio), I was really excited to turn up to work and see an entire film crew outside.

It then dawned on me that not only were they outside, but they were actually using our museum. The show (and I really can't remember what it was as it's a program that I've never heard of before), took the decision to turn our museum into a fake gallery. Even bringing in art work to place inside. My museum has taken inspiration from the film '2001 a space odyssey' with white walls everywhere, this meant they could turn it into anything they wanted. So we became the mythical Gershon Museum, complete with bronze coloured Greek statues.

Friday, 7 June 2013

Spring and new beginnings

So obviously I'm back in New York and feeling so much better now. This new chapter is shaping up nicely. I'm excited. With this new job at the New York Historical Society I feel that I've really hit a milestone. While only a part time position, it's as a permanent member of staff (as opposed to a freelancer). In my current position I deliver programs to school groups. In this new position I have sole ownership of my program and will be tasked with researching, creating and delivering the program. Finishing off with updating a regular blog on my adventures.

Other improvements include this wonderful weather. With the warmer days I can get back to exploring the city and reporting back on all that I'm learning. This weekend for example we headed to Brooklyn to catch a flea market. I have no photos of it as it was so hot that I couldn't bare to hold a hot camera to my face. When it suddenly clouded over it was a great opportunity to capture the view of the city. As I get more used to the heat, hopefully I'll be able to get pictures of it for you.

Saturday, 1 June 2013

The land of folly

Dubai, Dubai, Dubai. I seriously do not know what to say about this place. To be honest the only reason why we went was because it perfectly divided up the 26 hour flight from Australia. Also we have both always been a bit curious, so we thought 'why not?'. Well I'm curious no more, and to be honest didn't really get it. The image of this super fast-paced, vibrant skyline, rising up from the desert dust looked quite different in reality. To me it felt like two little hubs of rising skyscrapers miles apart with the 'Sail Hotel' standing lonely in the sprawling land between them. Most of your view was taken up by building sites, warehouses or desert. And what to do? Well shopping seems to be the recreation of choice, but not in the way we're used to. It was all about the Gucci, Prada, Marc, Dolce and Yves. We decided to experience Dubai's two most famous buildings instead. The 'Sail Hotel' otherwise known as the Burj Al Arab, having afternoon tea. And the world's tallest building otherwise known as that building that Tom Cruise jumps out of in the last Mission Impossible film. A stunt that he did for real! Crazy SOB. Or you know you could call it the Burj Khalifa. There we had cocktails on the 124th floor. While the views were breathtaking, it was scary as hell.

We were smart and decided to stay in the old town to get a bit of history and culture. Especially since Dubai is experiencing an art revival. Art is everywhere with galleries and boutiques opening up all over the place. We were also close to the old Souk's, or markets which sold everything from spices to gold. This was a real taste of old Dubai. We stayed at the gorgeous Art Hotel which had beautiful rooms, a cafe, boutique store and art dotted around the entire building. A walk to your room was like being in a modern art museum. That would be my tip if you ever find yourself in this part of the world. Stay in the old town, it's a lot more interesting with more culture and you see the real Dubai.