Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Hello, Goodbye, Hello

With our impending return to London I was getting my camera ready and digging around clearing out old photos. I came across these pictures from one of Hipster Dufus' leaving dinners, when we were getting ready to come to New York. Not everyone was able to make it that day but it was supposed to be a dinner with all his best boys. I was the honorary lady and designated photographer.

We went to Tayyabs where we'll be meeting you all again when we return on Saturday night. We've dragged most of you to Tayyabs before so you know that it's amazing Indian/Pakistani food. It's loaded with flavorsome grilled dishes like meats or king prawns, an array of nan breads and delicious sides like chickpeas and paneer cheese. So in preparation for our return, here is a reminder of what helps make Tayyabs so fantastic. Great food and even better friends.

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