Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Back to the Island

Antigua, Jamaica, ooh I wanna take ya to Bermuda, Bahama, come on pretty mama. Actually they say Aruba but we went to Antigua. So here are the digital batch from this amazing holiday. Hipster Dufus and I are city people I'm sure you've heard me say many times. We love exploring new places and being able to see landmarks, history, artifacts etc. We've actually only taken 3 beach holidays together and of those only this one included not a single element of exploration. I took one book and a sketch pad. Our daily activities included deciding where to relax. The beach? The bar? The Hammock? The bed with a view? Ooh the choices, it's so hard! Five glorious days of crazy hard choices.

We also did happen to go because it was Hipster Dufus's birthday. We celebrated by, uuh, mmm, choosing which location to relax in. Followed by a massage. And then finished the day with dinner at a cliff side restaurant with cocktails at sunset. And that really sums up Antigua, at least the way we did it. Relaxed, quiet, laid back. Just wonderful.

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Family and New York

Hello! Well I've been away for a while so what have I been doing? Well After our well deserved break from the many visitors we just lay low and waited for the family to arrive for Christmas. I had such a fantastic Christmas. Yes the boys did spend most of their time on their phones and were completely disengaged. But still when they did manage to come up for air it almost seemed like they were enjoying themselves. I basically spent a week being a personal New York tour guide "and on the left the Empire State Building, and on the right Grand Central Station". Most of our time was spent at home watching bad movies and snuggling on the sofa. Hipster Dufus completely outdid himself with his conveyor belt of consistently delicious food. And really that's what Christmas is all about. Family, food, TV.

It's been a week since my family left and I miss them like crazy. It was really special to have them here in my personal space. It made New York real, it hadn't seemed like I was really living here without them in my space. It always seemed like something was missing. But now I can remember the time we went here or there and it just brings the city to life for me. It has been an absolutely epic year for me. Many low, struggles and success and triumphs. It feels amazing to have finished it on such a high.