Friday, 22 February 2013

¡Ai Tulum!

Well, we're back from sunny Mexico. At 11:00am we were swimming in the sea with the sun beating down on us and by 11:00pm we were back on the cold streets of New York. Tulum is beautiful and still underdeveloped, which for me is a good thing. It's colourful and full of character with chic hotels with boutiques selling anything from designer fragrances to designer yoga wear. We stayed in El Pez which boasted beautiful seafront views. Eating out provided a new dining experience, the restaurants and bars are scattered along the beaches, and even those inland are open to the elements such as Hartwood. The fantastic weather makes dining underneath a bed a stars the only option. 

As you know the real purpose of this trip was my birthday. I miss my friends, my family and having to go through such an important milestone without anyone was really painful. This is why we went. So rather than say that no one was able to come, I could say that I had escaped. I had a good old cry in the morning and then went on to enjoy my day which included breakfast on the hotel terrace with a full view of the ocean. Followed by a two hour massage at the wonderful Coqui Coqui, and two hours Skyping friends and family. A long walk on the beach and dinner in one of the fantastic restaurants. Finishing with a glass of champaign and star gazing (for the first time ever I managed to identify a constellation- Orion's belt). Coupled with all the Facebook wished, it was perfect. 

Monday, 11 February 2013

Those who can't... teach

Now there is a HUGE problem with the quote above. Mainly that if you can't do your job properly, that does not mean that you have a miraculous ability to impart knowledge. Teaching/educating is a skill. To bring a subject to life for a student is a talent. And to be able to inspire someone is a gift. If you just want extra money, go and work in a faceless profession. Where what you say will have absolutely no impact on the person unfortunate enough to be on the other side of your awful, no good, god forsaking, talentless ability. This I feel should have been the road travelled by my current photography teacher. So bad is this gentleman that I actually walked out of my class. Only to be met by She-MAN-nay!

Yes, I kid you not. My teacher switched on me. He told me I never asked for help, that I never approached him for clarification and that I needed to understand that he was not the issue, I was. For weeks now my classmates and I have sat helplessly waiting for clarification from said teacher, turning to the teaching assistants for help. When we have asked for help he has literally called us idiots (seriously). It's such a shame as learning can be a really amazing experience. The right teacher can completely change your views and open up your world. Instead I'm left feeling angry, offended and insulted. How did that happen?

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Winter Wonderland

While Christmas has been and gone the snow has only just begun. The first few days being simply slush and then reports of a storm hit. In just one night the cover was inches deep. The only way to enjoy the snow was to head over to Central Park with Paco. And it seems that everyone in the city agreed. It was as packed as you might expect it to be in the summer. Kids were sleighing, dogs were running wild and grown men (it's always the men) were behaving, well you get the picture.

It did look really beautiful and magical although, I'm over it. Yes it's kinda cool but enough already. Bring on spring. I still haven't properly explored this city and I can't when the weather is like this. I'm not a winter tourist, maybe if there' a fire and hot chocolate but even then.

Friday, 8 February 2013

Peace of mind?

All of you who know me are aware of Shaney-ney. If you know me really well you've encountered Shanay-ney. And if you've been on the wrong side of me you've experienced Shaney-ney. While I love her more positive attributes such as her ability to stand up for herself,  being able to speak up when she feels things are wrong and be completely open and honest with her opinions. I don't like being left with the side effects of her coming out, otherwise known as her negatives attributes. Things such as never feeling at ease, a constant feeling of being wronged and a constant feeling of anger.

In a city famous for being full of angry people it would seem then that I fit right in. But in fact I'm left with a niggling feeling that something has got to give. So I've signed up for a meditation class. Is it working? No idea, but while I'm there it sure feels relaxing.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013


Did I mention that I started a photography darkroom course? Yesterday was my second week and we finally got to develop some film. It's quite nerve-racking pouring all these chemicals into your roll of film and wondering what's going to happen. Then, slowly you unroll your film and if you notice shapes then you know you're good. Hanging a roll of film up to dry feels very rewarding. Next week we develop some photos. I'll let you know how it goes.

Friday, 1 February 2013

A Deep Hole

Last weekend Hipster Dufus insisted on heading over to the 9/11 memorial. There's a museum there so I was in. It was a beautiful sunny day which of course meant that it was incredibly cold. I was not happy to be confronted with passport security. I mean all of it, plastic trays, x-ray scanners and taking off the shoes and coats etc. Not cool (I understand why, but not cool). However when we arrived inside we realized that the museum is not opened yet and there's really no sign as to when it will be open. With only the memorial to take in i thought i'd be disappointed but actually I really liked it. It's a really calming space, the running water/waterfall adding to the tranquility of the space. And I love that they didn't put anything on top of the original site. I think it's quite poignant that where the buildings stood now fall into an abyss (you can't see the bottom from any angle).

To ge these photos I used the trusty Hipstamatic App. Everyone should have this trusty little app, which operates to some degree like a real camera. You can select different films or lenses and you're more or less guaranteed a fantastic shot. I used this app to take all my honeymoon photos because I didn't want to worry about bad, uninteresting pictures. It's amazing what you can do with it too if you know how to use the lense/film. Just take a look at their new magazine Snap. All the photos in this free e-zine are taken using the app. Get creating guys.