Friday, 8 February 2013

Peace of mind?

All of you who know me are aware of Shaney-ney. If you know me really well you've encountered Shanay-ney. And if you've been on the wrong side of me you've experienced Shaney-ney. While I love her more positive attributes such as her ability to stand up for herself,  being able to speak up when she feels things are wrong and be completely open and honest with her opinions. I don't like being left with the side effects of her coming out, otherwise known as her negatives attributes. Things such as never feeling at ease, a constant feeling of being wronged and a constant feeling of anger.

In a city famous for being full of angry people it would seem then that I fit right in. But in fact I'm left with a niggling feeling that something has got to give. So I've signed up for a meditation class. Is it working? No idea, but while I'm there it sure feels relaxing.

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