Monday, 11 February 2013

Those who can't... teach

Now there is a HUGE problem with the quote above. Mainly that if you can't do your job properly, that does not mean that you have a miraculous ability to impart knowledge. Teaching/educating is a skill. To bring a subject to life for a student is a talent. And to be able to inspire someone is a gift. If you just want extra money, go and work in a faceless profession. Where what you say will have absolutely no impact on the person unfortunate enough to be on the other side of your awful, no good, god forsaking, talentless ability. This I feel should have been the road travelled by my current photography teacher. So bad is this gentleman that I actually walked out of my class. Only to be met by She-MAN-nay!

Yes, I kid you not. My teacher switched on me. He told me I never asked for help, that I never approached him for clarification and that I needed to understand that he was not the issue, I was. For weeks now my classmates and I have sat helplessly waiting for clarification from said teacher, turning to the teaching assistants for help. When we have asked for help he has literally called us idiots (seriously). It's such a shame as learning can be a really amazing experience. The right teacher can completely change your views and open up your world. Instead I'm left feeling angry, offended and insulted. How did that happen?

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