Friday, 1 February 2013

A Deep Hole

Last weekend Hipster Dufus insisted on heading over to the 9/11 memorial. There's a museum there so I was in. It was a beautiful sunny day which of course meant that it was incredibly cold. I was not happy to be confronted with passport security. I mean all of it, plastic trays, x-ray scanners and taking off the shoes and coats etc. Not cool (I understand why, but not cool). However when we arrived inside we realized that the museum is not opened yet and there's really no sign as to when it will be open. With only the memorial to take in i thought i'd be disappointed but actually I really liked it. It's a really calming space, the running water/waterfall adding to the tranquility of the space. And I love that they didn't put anything on top of the original site. I think it's quite poignant that where the buildings stood now fall into an abyss (you can't see the bottom from any angle).

To ge these photos I used the trusty Hipstamatic App. Everyone should have this trusty little app, which operates to some degree like a real camera. You can select different films or lenses and you're more or less guaranteed a fantastic shot. I used this app to take all my honeymoon photos because I didn't want to worry about bad, uninteresting pictures. It's amazing what you can do with it too if you know how to use the lense/film. Just take a look at their new magazine Snap. All the photos in this free e-zine are taken using the app. Get creating guys.

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