Friday, 22 February 2013

¡Ai Tulum!

Well, we're back from sunny Mexico. At 11:00am we were swimming in the sea with the sun beating down on us and by 11:00pm we were back on the cold streets of New York. Tulum is beautiful and still underdeveloped, which for me is a good thing. It's colourful and full of character with chic hotels with boutiques selling anything from designer fragrances to designer yoga wear. We stayed in El Pez which boasted beautiful seafront views. Eating out provided a new dining experience, the restaurants and bars are scattered along the beaches, and even those inland are open to the elements such as Hartwood. The fantastic weather makes dining underneath a bed a stars the only option. 

As you know the real purpose of this trip was my birthday. I miss my friends, my family and having to go through such an important milestone without anyone was really painful. This is why we went. So rather than say that no one was able to come, I could say that I had escaped. I had a good old cry in the morning and then went on to enjoy my day which included breakfast on the hotel terrace with a full view of the ocean. Followed by a two hour massage at the wonderful Coqui Coqui, and two hours Skyping friends and family. A long walk on the beach and dinner in one of the fantastic restaurants. Finishing with a glass of champaign and star gazing (for the first time ever I managed to identify a constellation- Orion's belt). Coupled with all the Facebook wished, it was perfect. 

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