Tuesday, 5 March 2013

In a New York minute...

A couple of months after I arrived my friend Rebecca asked me when I had my "oh my gosh, I'm in NY" moment. I think my response was every time I look at the Empire State Building as it's a reminder of the streets I'm on. But I really hadn't had this moment until last week Wednesday. This was my first day at work. I travelled from Manhattan to Queens for my first shift. Then treated myself to lunch in Korea town in a place called Mandoo, specializing in dumplings which they make fresh in the window for everyone to see as they walk by. Then I headed home and took Paco for a walk down to Madison square park, which was lovely on a sunny day. I had just enough time to drop him back at home before heading back out, to my art history class at the MoMA. It was at this point that my cheeks started to hurt at the ridiculousness of it all. It was official, I felt relaxed and comfortable. Finally.

And all it needed was a job. I know that on the surface being here sounds like a dream. Oh poor me having nothing to do in one of the most wonderful cities in the world. While my husband gives me money to go out and enjoy myself. But I've always been independent. And what fun is exploring if everyone else is at work? But more importantly I came here to work and my biggest worry was that I would come home having not done so. I would have felt so disappointed. Luckily patience is all it needed. Just as many friends told me.

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