Sunday, 31 March 2013

Photo Challenge: Steamy Grates

A couple of months ago I asked all of you to set me some photo challenges. I love the idea of being set projects by people, however I think I asked prematurely. We were heading into winter and I completely underestimated just how cold it gets here. It gets bitterly cold here and it's consistent. Staying indoors was just the way to go and I didn't mind not doing much. Some of the challenges were for places that were far too exposed (Ellis Island requiring traveling by ferry first and then being outdoors for a long time). Some of the challenges just ended up being impossible. Jo set me steamy grates an iconic image of New York. However I found that the grates don't steam up that much, unless they have pipes placed in them to release the air, there's an example below.

It was only recently when we had the first of the horrid snow that the grates in the street were going crazy. The extreme low temperatures finally allowed enough of a difference in temperature for the steam to show. So here's the first of the photo challenges. Now with spring coming up I'm back out and about exploring the city again. Jo, Hope you enjoy these!

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