Sunday, 24 March 2013

Movie History

Once again I've been missing for a while. A new job is the reason for it. I will post pictures of this super cool museum soon but really I just want to geek out for a minute here. My last job was a museum all about British popular music history. I will never forget how super cool it was to suddenly have my job be learning about current music and brushing up on my knowledge of The Beatles and Lord Kitchener.

And now I've moved from the history of music to the history of film. My research takes in the chronophotography of Marey to the the first version of Alice in wonderland (from 1910 lasting 10 minutes). It includes a look at the first television sets, special effects props and Yoda... Yes he lives in the exhibition. To get more knowledgable on the history of movies I have started watching films such as the first "talkie" The Jazz Singer from 1927. The term "talkie" being used loosely as there's actually only 2 minutes of dialogue in the whole film. The rest being synchronized musical numbers and title cards. And this is what I love about my job, it's constantly researching and learning. Taking in what I never managed to catch at school or what I never got introduced to while there. And now I get to build this amazing general knowledge.

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