Monday, 8 April 2013

At Sea

Ok so spring isn't exactly here yet but it's coming and is right around the corner. I can feel it. Plus I know it as the weather man says it is. With the new season coming in I'll be able to adopt a new form of transport in the city. River travel is a very much underused mode of transport in most cities and it's a real shame. You get the best views of a city from the river. London in particular having many of it's iconic landmarks lined up by the water. New York in comparison does not equal this beauty in my opinion as it doesn't really seem to have cottoned on to the value of river front real-estate. All of the buildings facing the river are warehouses, factories and motorways and the areas are completely underdeveloped. Even so the views from the river boats are still amazing. On a partially cloudy day the scenery is magical with the sunlight beaming through, delicately lighting up the buildings. I was lucky enough to find myself on one at sunset.  

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