Saturday, 20 July 2013

Budding Photography

Ok so you all know that I was doing a photography course and hated it so decided to walk out? At which point he blamed me and we got into an argument. Well, I complained to the school who agreed to transfer me to their summer course. It was the best thing I did. This teacher is amazing. There are so many things that he tells me are 'bad photography practice' or not to do because they're just 'stupid' and I get excited as those are the same things the other photography teacher taught me. 

Anyway, this is a black and white darkroom course. I have to develop my own film and photos. And here are my first two ever prints. What do you think? I'm going for the whole street photography thing as I think it works particularly well with black and white film. My target is to find moments in New York life. These are my takes and interpretations of the city. 

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