Monday, 8 July 2013

Area Study: Fashion District

I've finally got round to exploring more areas, it's a slow process but really gets me out of the house. It helps to get to know the city and one thing I've learnt about Manhattan is that it is really quite small. It's just really densely populated and only gets confusing at the bottom of the city where the grid network does not apply. So far I've brought you Red Hook and Long Island City. Today it's the Fashion District.

This area is just on our doorstep and isn't exactly what it says on the tin. Also known as the Garment District it's not a high street shopping area, it's an area for fashion manufacturing and design. It's full of fabric stores and haberdasheries and a good chunk of the sample sales take place in hidden floors of nondescript buildings. It also houses many wholesale jewelry and clothing stores and my personal favourite are the stores that are selling "ball gowns" (you have to see the photos to understand). This area would be fun for any of my crafty friends to spend a day in. I'm thinking Graz x.

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