Thursday, 6 September 2012

Elite photography

While Instagram is mainly known as a social networking site (especially after being acquired by Facebook) it did seem that it originally tried to set itself up as being mainly about photography. In fact there is a strong photography community on there. However most recently it seems to veer more towards the Twitter and Facebook style of networking. It has even got its own little backlash from some in the photography community. A group of people got so tired of pictures of One Direction reaching the popular page that they set up their own photography social networking site called Instafocus. Although ironically this is just a somewhat elitist photography group where you have to be invited in or selected by the creators. And wouldn't you know it that it still comes down to a popularity contest with those with high numbers of followers being the ones selected rather than those who are genuinely taking fantastic photos.

Anyway, rant over and I have been trying to use Instagram for more artistic purposes. While I love being able to snap a quick picture and send it to friends showing what I'm up to (I'm also a huge fan of #todayimwearing), I also love trying really hard to get pictures that are better thought out and more creative. Here's a recap of my best photos so far.

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