Friday, 7 September 2012

New York FNO

As if I'm not acutely aware that all my girlies are not with me Fashion Night Out comes round to remind me. And I'm in new York y'know! There are so many events to go to and I want to see them all, but I decide that without and famale companion there just isn't any point. Then Hipster Dufus gets offered two free tickets to the Ben Sherman store where Jamie Woon will be performing as part of FNO. He is unable to make it having committed already to a game of football with his new found friends. So what do I do? Do I sit at home and wait around for him. Or do I swallow my fear for one night and enjoy Jamie before he inevitably explodes onto the music scene?

I opted for the latter. I thought it would be a simple acoustic session/no fuss scenario, but after waiting two hours I relalised that this was going to be a full gig. I almost regretted my choice until Jamie started crooning away. And by the time he was onto Lady luck I'd forgotten about my anger and how I wished I hadn't bothered trying to be brave. The icing on the cake was a lovely Jamie happily posing for a picture with me.

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