Monday, 24 September 2012

Under the sea

So now it's been a month and I have explored a little I've started to find things I like (and don't like) from stores to restaurants, and can finally start giving you my personal tips from this big city. We're based in what New York Magazine calls the 'decidedly unhip' Murray Hill. At first glance I too was a bit skeptical of my new area's ability to live up to the diplomatic lifestyle ideal, but I have grown to realize the benefits of Murray Hill and also discover some real gems in the area. The benefit is that Murray Hill is perfectly placed to give you easy access to the whole of Manhattan, being practically equidistant to the Upper East Side and Lower East side and the right side of the river to easily hop over to Brooklyn.

Now for the first gem, it's the wonderful Wild Edibles Seafood Market. As well as being able to go in to buy fresh fish and actually use it as a fish market, it also has a bar and restaurant. Both with a fantastically relaxed and laid back vibe. The waiters just look like your mate from way back when and serve you in the same manner. If you're a seafood fanatic like I am, their deals like the $1 oysters will drive you crazy. Follow those up with the seafood ravioli or my favorite the lobster roll. Oysters and lobster for lunch all for under $45 for two. Amazing!

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