Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Instant gratification

After the end of Polaroid I was so upset. I totally missed the boat with Polaroid and got into them rather late, by the time I wanted to invest in one I found out that the Polaroid company had gone bust. Was this genius art form really gone? The man at the specialist camera store laughed at me when I went in inquiring about film. However I had seen rumblings on the internet suggesting that a wealthy Austrian had bought the factory and was planning on bringing back the format. I quickly invested in my SX-70 just in case and was right to do so as my £55 camera soon rose to £300 when the announcement was made that it had been saved. It shows that people's love of vintage can at times be so strong that we can stop the charging train of technology to enjoy the simplest of pleasures. Just like the battle between the vinyl and CD (in which it looks as though vinyl is about to win by the way). Polaroid too is clinging on and refuses to make way to digital photography. With the start of the Impossible Project "polaroid" cameras are making a comeback. They're going to be huge too. I've noticed high street shops selling camera's instore and online for £135, when you can find the same camera in full working order for just £35 on ebay!

The proof? Here's my beautiful limited edition Polaroid 636 Close Up. It came in this great collector's silver tin, inside a silver mini backpack, in full working order for £35. It's truly a one of a kind and doubles up as a little fashion accessory. I can't wait to do a fashion post with it.

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