Friday, 9 March 2012

Shake it like a polaroid picture

When I decided to start this journey I wanted it to encompass different forms of photography. Mainly because while I love the fashion (and the excuse to buy new things so that I have material to write about...), photographing things is probably what I love the most. A passion that stems from a deep regret that I have no photographic evidence of my life as a young teen having always entrusted others with the task of documenting my significant moments. I can't possibly tell you what happened on my 18th not because of drunkenness but because I no longer speak to the best friend who photographed the whole night, and just like a messy divorce she got to keep the memories.

In an attempt to use different forms of photography I am now faced with the issue that Polaroid/Impossible film is just so expensive. Even getting film developed is a tad more than you'd normally expect to pay. However, I live a (relatively) vice-free life and, of all the things to spend far too much money on, photos doesn't seem to be a bad one. I've already been using my Canon AE-1 to take some of the photos on this blog, so here is a selection of my favourite Impossible images taken with the delicious Polaroid SX-70. Enjoy!

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