Monday, 6 August 2012

To D.I.Y for

So I'm unlikely to give you great tips on a D.I.Y project based on the latest fashion inspiration, but then that was never my goal. I am however very crafty in my own way and my anniversary yesterday got me thinking about the whole of my wedding experiences including the preparation. I'm not going to romanticise it at all. Weddings are a pain in the 'behind' (for lack of a ruder word). I still don't understand how one is expected to plan and organise the most important day of their life without the qualifications of those who have actually trained for it. I'm not speaking of the wedding planner, just an event manager! It's a job people! 

Being crafty what I did enjoy thoroughly was the creative side of it. Dreaming up the theme, searching for inspiration and looking on the internet, vintage stores and second hand shops for the items that would build my wedding. The extra added value was being able to involve friends and family in the process. From helping to set up the venue to creating all of my beautiful flower arrangements. From block printing and hand making my invitations to managing to translate my bridezilla ramblings into beautiful centre pieces, decorations and generally an amazing venue. 

Here are a few pictures that I along with maid of honour Pamela Lathbridge took documenting the hard work needed before the finished product. To see the wedding photos click on the image below. It will take you to RockN'Roll Bride where the wedding was featured. Enjoy!

 Our Wedding

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