Monday, 13 August 2012

Keep on moving

After years of hoping, months of planning, weeks of waiting, days of organising and hours of cleaning finally the night has come. This is the night before the flight. Hipster Dufus and I have literally just finished the last few things we needed to complete now. I'm tired, exhausted, and mentally drained. I'm not sure what to feel now, all I know is that it doesn't feel quite real just yet. Every stage has simply been met with a new wave of emotions.

There was the anxiety of having the flat in piles in a corner waiting for the arrival of the removal men (who never actually showed up, they forgot they were supposed to come...) Then there was the numbness from watching strangers pack up your life, and before you know it all your possessions are simply sitting in pile of cardboard boxes. Finally the most daunting one has got to be the feeling of an empty flat. Imagine what you felt when you first moved into your home unfurnished. It's the same feeling but in reverse. Bewilderment. What do I do now? Everything echoes, time drags (this is probably the lack of T.V. or CD player) and your home doesn't feel like yours any more.

Well that was a bit of a rant really! It wouldn't be real if I made it out to be amazing. The prospect of a new city is incredible but what comes before is not so fun. The process hasn't been easy and we haven't received much help from relevant organisations. I was expecting it to be better planned, to go a lot more smoothly especially since this is a regular occurrence. What we found is that no one really cares. Everyone has a job to do and they don't care about what that means for you as the person that has to live this life, everyone is simply out to tick boxes. I have to say that at this point I'm really looking forward to the other side.

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