Tuesday, 21 August 2012

How to keep in contact

The last time I posted I was boarding a plane and almost a week later and I still hadn't posted anything. So what happened? Some of you might be aware that my wonderful husband, Hipster Dufus, purchased me an all powerfull MacBook Air. Just in time for me not to be able to do much as squeak about not being able to contact people. I did however encounter two problems.

The first being the internet, we still have not had it installed in our new home which means i have no way of posting items. What about cafes with wifi? This brings me on to my second problem, Microsoft Office. As you know Mac's do not come with office and while we do have it already, the CD license is currently somewhere in the Atlantic as part of our sea freight.

Thankfully the iPhone can be a powerful little tool, and while I wouldn't want to use it all the time I found a few apps that will still let me post almost in the same style I currently use, from taking the photos, editing to composing a post and sharing it. So can I get away with it? Here are just a few shots from my first week as a New Yorker.

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