Saturday, 11 August 2012

Do put baby in the corner

While the removal people busy themselves with packing away my life, I have continued to busy myself with my tour of London. Hipster Dufus and I have been thinking about what the last few tastes of London we should be. I thought that I would be desperate to try out something new, that I'd never done but this just left me with the sense that London is just too big. It made me wonder what else I would be missing out on. Instead what I have loved is going to all our regular hideaways in London.

The Corner Room is definitely one of my parting tips. The affordable option for those interested in the michelin starred Viajante (also in the same building) Corner Room is high end dining with a laid back flair. If you're a foodie the name Nuno Mendes will mean something to you, and if you're not then introduce your palette to the always surprisingly weird but deliciously inventive food that they consistently produce.

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