Saturday, 24 August 2013

The Jazz Age

We've had a very busy couple of weeks with cultural activities galore, and a whole lot of socialising. This has all left Hipster Dufus to declare himself fully settled in NY. I'm really glad for him as it's really about time I suppose. Unfortunately I've still not got my "yup I'm settled" moment. Anyhoo one of the things we did last week was the Jazz Age Lawn Party on Governor's Island. One of my favourite things about London is the access to vintage, the clothing, furniture and markets. And all the cultural events such as vinyl nights and festivals such as London 60s Week or the Vintage Festival which I worked on a few years back. I haven't had much luck with vintage in NY. It's all super expensive, usually designer and unattainable and really difficult to find. I still only really know where two stores are that I remember how to get to. Usually I see the interesting stores while sitting in a cab and then have to desperately try to remember the crossroad.

So the lawn party was interesting to me as it promised to have vintage music, stalls selling clothing and accessories and lots of opportunities to people watch vintage pieces passing by. I had a really good time but it was not up to the standard that I was expecting. For the ticket price we just felt that it wasn't really worth it. We were all crammed into a tiny little lawn that was fenced off and then had a few little stalls selling vintage goods, but it was probably 10 in total. And actually when we realised that we could have not brought a ticket and still sat and picnic'd on the grass with access to the music it seemed kind of pointless. I felt they were missing a trick, there were so many opportunities to make this something bigger. Admittedly I've been spoilt, the vintage festival had so many different things going on like a pop up cinema, restaurants and tons of vintage stalls. As well as big name brands creating pop up vintage shops, like Benefit and Fortnum & Mason. However unfair the comparison, I guess I was expecting something more along these lines.

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