Sunday, 1 September 2013

The calm before the storm

When I disappear from social networking it may seem that I'm out and about doing some really interesting New York-y cool stuff. Fear not my friends, you are all still the most important things to me. My absence as usual is because something gets in the way. This time it was Hipster Dufus who took a week off work. As I've mentioned to a lot of you September to December is the busiest time in the calendar for him and so in prep we decided a break was much needed. We also felt that an actual holiday would be too much hassle and so opted for a stay-cation.

We started out with the best of intentions but in the end these two photos sum up our entire week. Trips to museums and lounging about at home. This picture in Central Park was simply because we wouldn't look as cute on the floor in the apartment! And so my adventures will continue next week when I'll be flying solo. 

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