Sunday, 15 September 2013

Off the beaten track

Either Hipster Dufus and I don't really listen to each other or it's the best thing about our relationship. That after almost eight years together we are still discovering new things about each other. My money is on the former... So we discovered that he doesn't mind hiking but that I actually love it, and just (and now this will make me sound stupid) didn't know what the name meant! I just assumed it meant climbing while I prefer more of the getting "lost" on a trail and feeling like you're exploring the woods.

As you know I always want to explore the city but whenever it's his turn to curate an exploration of New York he immediately gravitates to outside of Manhattan. This is a great balance really, by the time we leave we'll have fully explored the greater New York area. I had so much fun and like I said before, just because I went hiking doesn't mean I gave up on looking presentable! Who said you can't hike in pearls?

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