Monday, 19 August 2013

Those Mutha'uckers

This weekend we freaked you out by writing weird (sexual) messages to each other. They were in fact lyrics from Flight of the Conchords songs. We've seen them before at Wembley stadium, the most we could see were the screens projecting their faces. I loved it and had no complaints. But here, somehow we found ourselves on a special secret list to buy tickets. They were sold out within the hour. So off we went and the experience was, well, imagine if they came to play in your front room...

Yup, the venue couldn't have held more than 200 people. They were playing in a bar with few tables and booths so seats weren't guaranteed. We decided to set off early and managed to get seats in the second row! They played mostly new songs which absolutely stood up to the beloved classics. And they were so funny, maybe even funnier because we were so close! No seriously any act that can go onstage and perform half a finished song while whispering the next few lines to remind each other, and get away with it. Well it's a testament to their ability. That was definitely a highlight as well as Bret performing Mutha'uckers live  and perfectly reproducing the Hip Hop censoring in that song. 

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