Friday, 2 November 2012

Learning to survive...

When we realized there was a tornado headed for New York we didn't so much as flinch. For days the report told us that it was going to pass below us and we'd simply experience high winds. Nothing bad we thought, we'll just have to get out the winter clothing. Then literally two days before we were told that actually, it probably will pass through Manhattan but still nothing to worry about, just make sure you're not on the streets. Then the day before suddenly low lying areas of Manhattan were being evacuated. Well we're in Midtown so surely nothing to worry about. And we set off on at least making sure we had the basics for survival. Here is my guide of what you need to survive a storm:
So in conclusion, what you need is the following:

To make extremely strong friendships with someone who lives on the upper west/east side!!! 

It doesn't matter how much you prepare, living off dry food and sitting in a cold flat with nothing to do is always going to be uncomfortable! Those guys didn't so much a flinch in the storm. All these areas kept their power and its been a nightmare to look up 6 blocks and see light, literally light at the end of the dark NY tunnel. So close but no cigar! We did receive offers to go and bathe in people's homes but it was just weird for this to be your first encounter with people. I felt uncomfortable going to someone's house to simply use their facilities. Not to mention the added stress of knowing you had to return home. So there you have it, the only advise you need to survive a storm in New York.

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