Saturday, 3 November 2012


What happens when the city that never sleeps is forced to sleep? An eerie alternate city emerges. New York looks completely different in the dark. The New York attitude is about the only thing that stayed the same. I saw huge trucks squaring up to little guys in squish-able little cars, only to find themselves unable to intimidate them. The lack of traffic lights meant that we had an endless chorus of honking from around 5pm as commuters desperately attempted to make their way home. And Paco's evening walk was like something out of The Twilight Zone, complete and utter darkness for blocks. 

The worse things was seeing all the major New York landmarks shining like beacons of light. The Chrysler, Grand Central and the worst offender the Empire State that actually changed colors to orange for Halloween. As Hipster Dufus said, they really should have switched off their lights in solidarity to those of us that had to go without. 

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