Friday, 3 February 2012

A Sound Choice in Fashion

I have already proclaimed my love of museums and my current delight is the British Music Experience. Yesterday they proved how amazing their public events are in both quality and educational value with the launch of the new student series, Sound Choice. Their very clued up/well connected public programmer Rebecca Ellis managed to get big names in the fashion world - including Wayne Hemingway and stylist Miss Jacqueline White - to talk to aspiring fashionistas. It didn't stop there, with a panel consisting of fashion creative Siobhan Lyons, fashion journalist Adam Welch, MTV music director Virginia Monaghan and creative producer Pigalle Tavakkoli.

This event proved two things. First, how amazing this museum is (if I haven't already said it enough). Second, how amazing museums are in general. This venue is working beyond the constraints of the stuffy institution with dead, irrelevant objects. It's bringing its collection to life by looking at a contemporary subject and using the collection as a platform to inform where inspiration comes from. For the BME it's important to explain the ideal behind the punk aesthetic, and what was happening in the UK at the time to influence it. The influence of culture in art is everywhere at the moment. It's no secret that these last two seasons in particular have taken inspiration from the amazing art around the world with collections like Rodarte, Jil Sander and Donna Karen to name a few... and where is all this art and culture held? Where is it stored? Why, museums and galleries of course.

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