Friday, 24 February 2012

Raising the bar

London is full of tapas. Now there's good, there's great and there's amazing. Then and maybe not even then, there's Barrafina. Hipster Dufus recently took me on a little treat, there's usually a queue anxiously anticipating the wonders offered up over the very small bar (no tables hence the queue). It's really settling being able to see the kitchen and the chefs at work. For one, there's the comforting knowledge that your food is safe, clean and tasty for all the right reasons (no rogue sneezes here), but most importantly it showcases the skill of these chefs who continuously manage to produce flawless food throughout the day.

Barrafina is a real treat, I'd advise going when you're feeling plush to experience it fully and take advantage of their specials (that can be rather pricey). But don't be fooled, this is fine dining without the pretence, it's much more of a relaxed experience with diners interacting with the chefs while draped over the bar. But there's something about this place, about the atmosphere that makes you think it's totally normal to hang out eating at a bar rather than sit at a table. Really, it all comes down to the food. Oh the food..

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