Sunday, 22 January 2012

Running on full power

One of my favourite things to do on a weekend is to wake up early enough to catch brunch at The Wapping Project. Now considering that it's served until 12:00pm I'm quite ashamed to admit that I've missed it a few times... This beautiful building is a historic hydraulic power station that hasn't been gutted out to make way for a shiny new restaurant, but rather the restaurant has moulded itself around the contours of the building seamlessly evolving into a chic and modern establishment.

Now normally this would equal a stuffy, overpriced, uppity kind of place, but here lies the beauty of The Wapping Project. The first thing you notice is the relaxed feeling, jeans, trainers, kids, all are welcome and a familiar part of a visit (although yes for dinner a little effort is usually required and duly made, it's quite smart). As well as a feast for your mouth your experience will provide you with a feast for the eyes, the building is beautiful and you often see people snapping away trying to capture it. If that's not enough they also regularly host amazing exhibitions including the recent Yohji Yamamoto exhibition and a cinema during the hot summer months. This is my favourite place in London without a doubt.

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