Saturday, 5 November 2011

Kiss me Kate

OK, so I'm going to lay it down straight from the beginning, I absolutely love museums. Actually I adore them, I think they're amazing and I regularly refer to myself as a museum super geek.
I have my favourites, they have educational programmes that can not be matched by any other institution. One particular favourite is the British Music Experience. This little museum of popular music has a connection with the industry and see themselves as the meeting point between the public and the industry. They regularly hold masterclasses with industry veterans and can even convert themselves into a live music venue having already staged concerts with the likes of Jamie Cullum and Bon Jovi. 

One of its mission is to enhance the understanding of the industry among young people, and they did just that this week when Kate Nash came in to talk to young girls about women in the industry. Kate was great and opinionated (all of which I agreed with). She has a no nonsense approach to the industry and her short time in it has obviously taught her a lot. Best of all she did just what the museum wanted, she inspired these young girls.

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