Saturday, 12 November 2011

Meat Liquor Opening

This summer I was introduced to THE most amazing burger of my life. Meateasy has been popping up all over east London bringing us classic hamburgers in an authentic dive-esque manner (the previous venue was above an abandoned New Cross pub) but with top quality produce. Having gained some financial backing they have managed to secure a permanent residence in central London. One main concern was whether they would still have the same grease-dropping-down-your-arm burgers or whether it would turn into just another Gourmet Burger Kitchen. 

Friday night was Meateasy's (now Meat Liquor) opening. Worried that it would be jam packed we still ventured out into central to find it. The benefit of central is that it has scared away some of the Shoreditch trendy crowd and we made it in almost straight away. The verdict? Still a dive-esque environment and the best ingredients, but with amazing new additions (deep-fried gherkins with blue cheese sauce where have you been all my life). The burger juice left a nice greasy trail all down my arm. Yum!

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