Friday, 30 May 2014

Vacationing Upstate

While I sit here and wait for the apartment to get fixed, the lack of my usual attractions has made me revisit old favorites. Mainly letting my friends and family know what we're up to and really because it gives me an excuse to take photos. I REALLY MISS IT! I've been so useless recently with picking up a camera but will definitely make more of an effort. I usually rely on my poor iPhone, which is where these photos came from. 

So we recently tried to get away from the city (before all the drama) and I have to admit stupidly thought the weather would be warmer. Yeah it's called upstate for a reason and we went to the bloody mountains. While we freezed our butts off we discovered a new favorite place to escape the city. Phoenicia was beautiful and picturesque. We went hiking and Paco obviously loved it the most. The town was teeny but what was there was perfectly formed and of phenomenal quality. Including wood oven pizza, the most incredible fudge that I had far too much of and the Phoenicia Diner was absolute yum. There are also options for sporty activities, which we kept away from as we went to relax. The rest of our time was taken up with making fires to try to stay warm. 

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