Friday, 16 May 2014

Damage Control

I have literally been sitting here and thinking about how I just don't seem to be updating the family blog as of late. We need something to happen. Well I guess you should be careful what you wish for because something DID happen. It's around 2:00am here and I'm sitting up worried to bits and pissed as hell.

This afternoon we were hit with heavy showers. Nothing new there it's happened before. Hipster Dufus and I were watching TV and working when I heard what seemed to be water dripping into the apartment. I quickly ran to get our computer (which lives by the window) and suddenly the drip started moving. I went from the window to small drips on top of Dufus and I and before long it was a shower until we narrowly missed having the ceiling collapse on top of us. Worse still it filled the floor, and worryingly it started pouring out of the electrical sockets with us standing there! We ran for cover and Hipster Dufus went to get help.

I had to stand at the door and watch as the water poured down onto all my work. Years of notes, gathered documents, example activities and completed works drenched in seconds. While I know that the main thing to remember is that we are both safe, it pains me that all my hard work will suffer. Tomorrow I will appraise my work, having placed most of it out on towels to dry. 

And now to try to sleep...

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