Monday, 13 May 2013


Finally I've managed to shake off the jet lag from Australia, catch up on pressing issues and sift through the mountains of photos I took. I really tried to be careful but I did see a lot of new things this time round and loved getting in the practice after a few months of no inspiration. As these were obviously far too many photos for just one post over the next couple of weeks I will be posting digital albums of the various regions of Australia (and Dubai) that we explored. 

But I really wanted to just start with the flight there. For the first time ever I got to experience a business class flight and wow! It's hard to think that people spend this much money on just one trip. But I have to say of all the flights that you want to travel in comfort for, a 26 hour flight to the over side of the planet is probably the one you want to splurge on. And even then the flight was still brutal. It was fun though, from the flat beds to the excess baggage allowance. The super wide TV screens to the 3 course meals served on real china. This apparently is how the other half live.


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