Tuesday, 3 April 2012

El Lobo

One of my favorite restaurants in London has got to be Bocca Di Lupo on archer street. If you can, sit at the bar, don't be fooled by the tables in the back. There's nothing special back there, the magic happens at the front. From the bar you get to see the kitchen, you see the chefs at work, you see them cooking, preparing the things you've ordered and interact with each other. Best of all you can interact with them too.

and so begins a waiting game whereby you hope that everything you see coming out of the kitchen is the very thing you've ordered. Many times we've had to frantically call the waiter and say 'one of those too please'. Once the food starts dripping over the bar to you the flavours are incredible. A Radish & celeriac salad with pomegranates, pecorino Romano & truffle oil? Uh yeah! Risotto milanese - saffron & bone marrow with gremolata? Yum! On my last visit after all the yummy noises I was making, the chefs were more than happy to pose for a picture for me.

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