Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Burger time

Have you been to Boxpark yet? I completely love the concept, the idea of recycling containers for better use is admirable. However, it's really targeted at those who are more interested in the Urban city look. Which is a shame but I just felt that there wasn't much there for me.

The one thing that there are a lot of, are new eateries such as Bukowski. I'm a big fan of burgers but can't always make it down to central London to get my fix of Meatliquor. This is quite a close runner up. The burgers are chunky but don't leave you feeling like you've eaten a tonne of lard. The flavours are pronounced and melt into your mouth,  and the home made sauces delish. The only problem perhaps is that it's quite small (around 14 seats), so if you go at peak times you can't get a seat. At least they do take-away.

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