Saturday, 8 February 2014

My unnecessary apology to the ones I love

I did have another blog post all set and ready to go for this weekend but then something happened that made me want to write about the most painful aspect of being abroad. That feeling of helplessness and being left out. I miss you guys. Yes it's soppy but only when it's because I want to hang out in all my favorite bars, cafes, pubs, restaurants. When it's painful, is when it's attached that feeling of helplessness. I hate not being there. I hate not being able to share your high and more importantly your lows.

Friends, I want to apologize for not being there for your achievements and special moments. The worst being those who are getting married. It bums me out that I can't make it back for your special days. It's something that you never think of, it's all about what you're going to wear and how much the train ticket is to wherever it's located. Not so when there's a seven hour flight beforehand. Money literally is not growing out of my butt. I would love to hop over every time there's a celebration but after the third engagement I realized that I have to let go. I don't live there anymore. I'm only here for a short while, but during that time I can't live with one foot in London and the other in New York.

This post also doubles up as an open letter to my little brother. I loved being there for you. Being your rock and someone that you could turn to. I'm sorry that I'm not there right now. But only physically. My thoughts, my heart, my mind is alway with you. I want you to take a breath, take a minute and give me a call. There's no difference in calling me here or in London. Take advantage of the positive side of technology. The one that allows us to communicate for free. I'm from the generation of calling cards and this new world makes communicating so much easier. Technology is really a beautiful thing, it takes the big wide world and transforms it into a close intimate moment. I'm always available to take your call.

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