Friday, 11 October 2013

Welcome to Miami

Miami, Miami, Miami. What can I say about it? Those of you who know Becca know her for her amazing wit among other lovely traits and she really put it best. Will Smith didn't mention A LOT about this party city. Admittedly his experience and mine are going to be worlds apart but for the Brits among those reading, Miami had the feel of holidaying in Mallorca. It's a seaside town/resort kind of place. I obviously being the super geek I am, managed to explore three museums in the two days that I was there. The Miami History Museum was really useful in helping to understand the city (it was proud to be the holiday destination of the north, this brought in lot's of tourism so they encouraged it) and particularly for me why all the buildings are in 1920s Art Deco style (the city had a land/property boom in the 20s and so much of the city's development came around that time so it followed the current trend). The really nice thing about the Deco buildings is that they really try not to pull them down, and so it was really funny to come across H&M, 7Eleven and Barney's complete with Deco facades (pictures below).

But... and there's always a downside, this heritage side to the city really is only on South Beach. We stayed in downtown which usually in most city layouts means the city centre or where all the shops are. Not here, downtown was basically where you wouldn't bother going, again for the Brits it was like Tottenham Court Road. Still top hotel and beach time was fantastic.

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